Collaborating internationally 

We are a team of architects, engineers, project managers and technical consultants helping Governments and International Agencies develop their representations in Brazil.

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architecture, engineering, planning and PROJECT management

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At the core of our work there is a profound commitment to strive for innovative design solutions, consistent to artistic thinking, aligned with the concepts of environmental preservation and based on a production methodology that is multidisciplinary. We believe working in this manner enables ambitious project solutions, while still allowing us to offer the necessary skills and tools to guarantee our clients the best cost-benefit scenarios.



尊龙在线平台Our building design approach aims to unify concept, form, user experience, sustainable use of materials and infrastructure systems.

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We organize our planning teams tailored specifically to each client’s needs. By working with multidisciplinary expert planning professionals we can address economical, environmental, landscape, master plan and urban design issues.  

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Technical Consulting

Atria’s consulting services include sustainability design and building certification (Procel and Leed), lighting design and materials research.

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Advisory Services

尊龙在线平台We offer advisory and management support to international governments, as well as to private companies, including strategic planning, construction budgeting, project management and contract construction administration.

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We strive to build successfull international partnerships

Helping leading foreign architecture and engineering firms design in Brazil


shaping a better constructed environment

Design scales

We work closely with our clients, expert consultants and specialists, in a multidisciplinary way, to design and propose innovative projects at multiple scales: diplomacy, architecture, urbanism, and exhibitions.



尊龙在线平台Atria’s diplomacy architecture services range from designing new diplomatic complexes that require sophisticated planning, repurposing existing facilities and renovating diplomatic residencial facilities.

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Our goal is to produce integrated and thoughtful architecture, resulting in buildings whose simplicity, environmental efficiency, purpose and beauty collaborates to shape a better society, while fully realizing our clients’ ambitions. 

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Business to Business B2B

尊龙在线平台Our B2B team understands how to connect with our clients and their stakeholders within different industries. We help our clients realise their strategic ambitions through architecture and design, closing the gap between what their brand promises and the value and experiences consumed by their customers and staff.

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Over the years Atria has conceived and participated in solo and collective exhibitions. Our team was responsible for the planning, design and execution of the exhibitions.

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Civil Impact

尊龙在线平台Our team combines local knowledge, financial and social insights to activate the potencial of the urban environments we design - from single projects to master plans.

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We are a safe haven for our international clients in Brazil

Our team follows international design standards and procedures in multiple disciplines while specializing in business to business B2B contracts

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expert MANAGEMENT services with UNCOMPROMISING ethical standards


Whoever we may deal with, and wherever we may operate, we are committed to doing so lawfully, ethically and with integrity. As part of this commitment, all forms of bribery and corruption are unacceptable and are not tolerated by Atria.

Our procedures have been designed to comply with legislation governing anti-bribery and anti-corruption on a global basis allowing our team to work in compliance with both Brazilian and International laws.

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